Big Pictures Shoots Mona Vie Doc in Florida!

When one of our clients, Producer Anna Maidon, first called me on a cold Colorado day in January to shoot something on a yacht in Florida for a company called Mona Vie, the first thing I said was, “Sign us up!”

The next thing was, “What the heck is Mona Vie?”

I had never heard of this company, or the açaí berry products that it sells. In fact, I didn't know an açaí berry from a coffee bean!

But my ignorance didn’t last long.

As soon as I started mentioning it to my friends, and doing a little research, I learned that Mona Vie is one of the fastest growing companies in history - reaching three billion dollars in sales in three years! And its products are everywhere!

Our mission was to shoot a short feature documentary on Laurie and Orrin Woodward, a wonderful family that had reached "Black Diamond" status within the company.

So Zumi and I loaded up our HDX900 HD camera, lighting and sound package onto a plane and headed down to Florida, where we met Anna. Together we spent a couple of days with the Woodward family filming on their Florida property, by their pool, in their home, and on their 76 foot yacht! We also got to dip into the mind of Orrin Woodward, one of the best team builders out there. It was all very interesting!

We took the footage back to our edit suite in Colorado, where our editor, Dale Raley, digitized the DVCPRO HD tapes to the fabulous ProRes 422 Codec, and sent it on a drive to Cornerstone Technologies, the production company in Utah, where they cut it together.

You can see the results by clicking the link below. Be sure to watch through to the end so that you can see the pretty sunset stuff on the yacht!

Mona Vie Video

For more information, visit the Mona Vie Website


 This Article first appeared in the April 2009 issue of Big Pictures News.

Written by Tom Miller, Copyright 2009, Big Pictures Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved