Shooting a Western For Mayne Event

Shooting a Western Scene for Mayne Event Like the crew of an old John Ford movie, or a spaghetti western of years past, they searched the Dakotas for iconic western scenes, cliches of a time gone by...

Their two-day quest led them to the streets of Deadwood, old casinos and saloons, and the carved faces at Mount Rushmore.

While their mission wasn’t a feature film, It was no less adventurous, says Big Pictures DP Zumi Hidalgo.“Deadwood is like walking onto a Hollywood set of a classic old west town. They’ve done a great job of preserving the look and feel there.”

Zumi and the team (Producer Matthew Doyle, Host Kenny Mayne, Kim Il Zong, and Soundman Dale Raley) were there to shoot an HD segment for The Mayne Event, a quirky, offbeat show that airs during ESPN’s Sunday Countdown.

And this segment lived up to that quirky standard, as Kim Il Zong, portraying a dejected Seattle Seahawks player, tries to fulfill his life mission by making peace between North and South... Dakota, not Korea.

His misadventures take him to a poker game gone bad, a showdown on the streets of Deadwood, and a cameo by our own Dale Raley on the border between North and South Dakota.

The whole shoot was two days, including travel between locations. So unlike a John Ford movie, any lighting they did had to be set up pretty quickly. But Zumi and the team were up to the task: "For the poker game, we dropped a Chinese Lantern from a double-armed C-Stand to illuminate the faces around the table. It worked well - not only bringing up the levels, but providing a nice catch light in the eyes of the players. Everything else we shot was available light. The whole shoot was a blast!"

The crew shot with the Panasonic HDX900 Package, in 720/24p, with one of our filmic preset/looks.


This Article first appeared in the January 2010 issue of Big Pictures News. Written by Tom Miller, Copyright 2010, Big Pictures Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved