Renovation Nation Hits Boulder!

Shooting Renovation Nation in Boulder A drill bores hundreds of feet into the earth to capture it’s power, and heat a home.

Contractors install a new type of vinyl flooring that emits no chemicals into the atmosphere.

And a dog house gets a fan… powered by the sun.

In each one-hour episode of Renovation Nation (Planet Green Network), Host Steve Thomas explores these and the many other creative ways people are renovating, with a green twist!

Big Pictures Cameraman Zumi Hidalgo got to join Steve and the team from Mike Mathis Productions when they came to Colorado to shoot several episodes of Renovation Nation last month.

“The production is like a well-oiled machine,” said Zumi. “They’ve developed an extremely efficient way to shoot.”

Two Panasonic HDX900 HD cameras provide simultaneous wide and tight coverage, with Starlink wireless monitoring going back to the field producer, Chris Garcia. Chris can then direct the two camera operators as needed over headsets. Lighting is done mostly with Kino Flos, HMI’s, and Light Panels LED Lights.

The team moves quickly and efficiently as Steve works from scene to scene helping homeowners and contractors with these innovative renovations.

“To me one of the coolest things was the geothermal. It’s amazing - using the heat of the earth to heat a house,” said Zumi. “And it was visually very interesting to shoot the drilling into the ground, and all the piping in the homes that the plumbers had to deal with!”

Renovation Nation airs throughout the week on Discovery’s Planet Green Network. Check local listings.


Photo: Cameramen Zumi Hidalgo and Renato Moore shoot Steve going over some geothermal piping with a contractor. Just off frame Chris Garcia directs the team while Gregg Hinnan gathers the sound. Photo by Tom Miller.

For more information, visit the Renovation Nation Website


Written by Tom Miller, Copyright 2009, Big Pictures Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved

This Article first appeared in the April 2009 issue of Big Pictures News.