Sony F55 with Canon 135mm Cine Lens


The Sony F55 is our top camera package, and the one most requested by our television, commercial, and high-end documentary, corporate & agency clients who want beautiful filmic footage for their productions. This CineAlta camera features a gorgeous 8.9MP Super 35mm CMOS Sensor with global shutter, a dynamic range of up to 14 stops, a wider color gamut than film, high speed recording for slow motion work (up to 240FPS), and internal HD/2K/UHD/4K recording onto SxS Pro+ Media cards (or 16-bit RAW output with optional recorder.) It shoots in a variety of formats in both NTSC and PAL, including XAVC, MPEG, and RAW. We can shoot in LOG or onto one of our beautiful custom looks, for shoots where there is less time for color grading.

F55 with Canon prime lens on set for MillerCoors production

F55 with Canon prime lens on set for MillerCoors production

Lenses - Our F55 Package comes with a set of Canon Cine Primes (14mm, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm) with 4K resolution. These lenses are very fast (up to T1.3), and can produce a shallow depth-of-field no matter what the focal length, impressive bokeh, and beautiful circular highlights. Our F55 package also includes a Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 COMPACT-SERVO Cinema Zoom Lens for more documentary-style shooting. Other lenses available. 

Media - 4-128GB SxS Pro Plus cards - which provide many hours of shooting in both HD and 4K. We include a card reader and Mac laptop to transfer the footage (if there is not a data wrangler on set). Just show up with a hard drive and leave with you footage! 

Lighting and Support  - This package includes a Sachtler tripod, 17" HD monitor, plenty of A/C and D/C power, Arri and KinoFlo Lighting, Chimera soft boxes with honeycomb grids, a Source 4 projection lens kit and multiple gobo patterns, LED 1x1, miscellaneous grip and electric equipment, and a Magliner production cart for wheeling it all. Need more? We can scale up or down depending on the shoot – providing anything from a fully-equipped grip truck with a lighting crew, to larger dollies, jibs, and cranes.

Audio - Even the best footage is so 1920’s without great sound! And great sound means top sound equipment and talented people to operate it. We’re privileged to work with the best sound people in town. On smaller shoots, our sound people also serve the production as grips, stand-ins, gum suppliers, joke tellers, and body guards. But mostly, they are backed by years of experience in the trenches that bring so much to any production. 

  • Standard audio package includes a sound person with a Sound Devices Mixer, 4 Lectrosonics wireless sets, a Sennheiser Shotgun mic with boom pole, Sanken & Tram Lavaliere mics, a handheld mic, and all the cables, bells & whistles needed to record anything the camera points at! 
  • Need Transcripts made of your interviews? We can record .wav or MP3 files with or without imbedded timecode that can be emailed to your transcriber. Give us a call for details.

Extra Production Tools - We have a variety of toys that make any production stand out - including Dollies and sliders, gimbals, drones, teleprompter (with operator), 2nd and 3rd cameras, and much more. Please see EXTRA PRODUCTION TOOLS for all these options and pricing. 

Fun Facts about the F55

  • The F55 can shoot in multiple frame rates in MPEG HD422, XAVC (HD, 2K, 4K), RAW (with external recorder), SR, and ProRes 422 and 444 (coming soon.) We can record incredible high speed cinematography at up to 180 frames per second internally on SxS cards using the XAVC HD Codec, and 240 frames per second using the optional RAW recorder.
  • Record times per card are based upon codec and frame rate. For example, in MPEG HD at 23.98 we can record about 275 minutes per 128GB card. XAVC HD & 2K (a higher bit rate codec) we can record 164 minutes. In 4K XAVC it’s 66 minutes. We can also record 4K with an MPEG Proxy onto the same card. This allows for 53 minutes record time. High speed shooting takes up much more card space.

More information on the features of the F55 from Sony