Big Pictures EZ Jib flies over pool


The following tools can be added to any of our Camera Packages upon request:

Drone - DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus with 4K gimbal-mounted camera and FAA Certified Pilot
Aerial Cinematography can add a whole new dimension to your production - providing beautiful sweeping vistas and high shots, amazing tracking shots of cars, cyclists, and other activity, and incredible perspectives not possible with a grounded camera. Our drone rig is fully loaded with plenty of battery power, cards, and other tools to capture the footage we need, and is operated by an FAA-certified UAS pilot with a cinematic eye. Please let us know as soon as possible where you plan to shoot so that we can research any airspace restrictions, and arrange waivers if needed. Single-operator configurations are $500/day as an add-on w/ another camera package, $1,250/day alone if booked without another package. Dual operator packages for more complex scenes are also available. Insurance may be extra depending on coverage, location and length of shoot.  MORE

Dana Dolly / Slider
Our Dana Dolly system is a quick and portable way to provide smooth movement on any shoot. Designed by grip Mike Hall, the Dana Dolly allows any of our camera systems to slide along a speed rail track placed at virtually any height – on the floor, a golf course, or across a desk or furniture. We have various lengths of speed rail, proving long smooth surfaces to roll on.  This is a great way to add high production value, interest and movement to any shoot. Includes Dana Dolly, combo stands, support, adaptors, and track. $150/day

DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer flying the Sony A7S Camera
Enables us to shoot smooth Steadicam-like handheld, tracking, running, riding, or any other kinds of movement you can imagine. Our Ronin comes packaged with the Sony Alpha a7S HD Camera with the Sony 10-20mm Wide Angle lens. $350/day

DJI Osmo+ Handheld Gimbal with 4K Zoom Camera
This tiny handheld gimbal is a self-contained system with integrated 4K Camera for productions that don't need the professional set-up and control of the Ronin or other advanced gimbal systems. Our Osmo+ is quick to set up and simple to use, featuring a 4K camera capable of capturing DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution at 24/25 fps, Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160) at up to 30 fps, 2.7K, and Full HD 1080p at 24-120 fps. $50/day

EZ FX 7′ Portable Jib
The EZ FX Jib adds the high production value of fluid movement, at a lower cost of both time and money than larger jibs. It takes our crews under fifteen minutes to set this baby up, and it works with any of our cameras. Ours comes with a special heavy duty tripod on wheels to make it even more portable. $150/day

Chroma Key Green/Blue Screen
We’re experts at setting-up and lighting chroma key shoots at a variety of locations – from a conference room to a full studio. We’ve set up everywhere from Tim Tebow’s basement and Missy Franklin’s high school, to conference rooms and offices all over town! Our full 12′ Green Screen system includes a great high-end non reflective fabric (better than plain seamless), stands, and cross bar. This is suitable for most on-location situations. We also have an even more portable 6×7 Wescott Green / Blue screen background for quick one-person setups on location. Need something more complex? We’ve shot everything from multiple people dancing to dropping a car on a couch! We work with several studios in town with full painted green or blue cycs. If you’re not sure which you need, give us a call to discuss.- $75/day for our portable systems, studio rates vary.

Still Photography
In addition to exceptional motion picture / video production, we can also provide high quality still photography services that can either be added to our video shoots, or hired separately. Our in-house photographer Teri Miller specializes in brand narrative, lifestyle, corporate culture, portraits, and corporate headshots. She's worked with a variety of clients from REI Adventures to Direct TV, sharing her unique vision and powerful storytelling skills.  MORE INFO & PORTFOLIO

Teleprompter with Operator
Many executives, actors, and other on-camera talent prefer working with a teleprompter. We have a varitety of on-camera and off-camera options available - all with highly skilled operators. Rate vary.

HMIs – 800w – 400w – 200w PAR Lights
For daylight balanced lighting, we have a K5600 Joker 800w HMI, a Kobold waterproof 400w HMI, and an Arri 200w PAR HMI. These lights each come with stands, heads, ballasts, various lenses, speedrings and Chimeras if needed. A variety of other HMI’s are also available upon request. $125-$150/day

Need More? We can scale up to meet the needs of nearly any shoot with our large network of equipment and talented local crew - such as Makeup Artists, Gaffers, Grips, PA’s, Media Managers, Multiple cameras and crews, Grip trucks, larger dollies and Jibs, additional lighting, etc. are also available upon request.

Not sure what you need? Please feel free to CONTACT US to discuss your needs. We’re experts at helping you match the right camera package and tools to best fit the production.