Chimera Lighting | Branding & Product Videos

We first met with the sales and marketing team at Chimera Lighting with the idea of creating a video that would help secure their position as leaders in the field of photography and motion picture lighting - both in innovation and quality. As long-time users of the products ourselves, we were excited for the challenge!

We decided to create a fun documentary short telling the story of their company's founding, their made-in-Boulder manufacturing process, and how top professionals in the field rely on their products every day. The resulting video, The Quest For Perfect Lightwas a huge success.

Next we worked with Chimera to create the On Location With Chimera series of training videos showing how to use their tools in the field. These have been seen by thousands on YouTube, Vimeo, and the Chimera website by people looking to improve their lighting skills and learn more about using Chimera's products. Here are a few examples: