NFL UP! With Von Miller and Gatorade

Steadicam following Von's Workouts

Steadicam following Von's Workouts

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is a finely tuned beast that explodes from the line in seek-and-destroy missions against the opposing team’s quarterback, running back, and anyone else with the ball.

These kind of skills require just the right fuel and maintenance – and functional workouts that go way beyond your average bench presses and bicep curls.

We had an opportunity to dip into Von’s nutrition and training regimen with the team at NFL Digital Media for NFL UP! – a website that enables viewers to follow the workouts of NFL football players around the league, and even download PDFs to try it out themselves.

We filmed Von’s segments with Broncos Strength and Conditioning Coach Luke Richesson inside the Broncos brand new 115,000 square-foot indoor practice facility. When we got there the paint was still drying on the walls. In fact, we may have broken the ice on that pristine new turf and been the very first production crew to shoot there!

We brought in 4 Sony F55/F5 cameras equipped with our Canon Cinema Primes and zoom lenses, a Dana Dolly for the interviews, and a Steadicam for the workouts.

For lighting we used HMIs, Kino Flos, and Lite Panels to augment the existing light of the field house.

Miller and Richesson demonstrated things like Mini Band Drills, the Plyometric Linear Bounds, and Parallel Medicine Ball Throws.

As I mentioned, not your average gym workout!

We also followed Von from his home to the facility, and shot a segment at the Gatorade Fuel Bar with Miller and nutritionist Bryan Snyder.

So if you feel like getting super fit, or just checking out our work, you can view all the segments HERE

Production Crew / Credits: DP - Tom Miller, Steadicam - Kevin Andrews, AC - Nathan Barry-Chaney, Audio – Trevor Nordeen, Additional Camera – Bob Tatlock, Media Manager / Grip – Benjamin Rader, Utility/Grip – Jon Obenchain

Coming soon - We recently filmed another series of workouts with running back CJ Anderson – which should be posted some time this fall.

Written by Tom Miller, Copyright © 2015 Big Pictures Media, Inc.