Canon Cine-Servo 17-120 4K Lens added to Big Pictures Equipment Packages

Canon Cine Servo 170-120 with our Sony F55 Digital Cinema Camera Package

We're excited to announce the addition of the new Canon 17-120 4K PL-mount servo zoom lens to the Big Pictures tool kit! This amazingly versatile glass is the perfect complement to our Canon Cinema Primes for our F55/F5 packages. The Canon 17-120 zoom combines the speed and flexibility we need to help tell great stories, with the super high-end production value that we and our clients have come to expect in the new world of HD, 2K and 4K.

And it's absolutely gorgeous!

The high resolution and optical performance across a wide zoom range matches that of our 4K large-format digital cinema cameras - with outstanding picture quality extending from the image center to the edges. An 11-blade aperture diaphragm helps ensure an artistic and beautiful representation of out-of-focus areas (or “Bokeh”). It features a high 7x zoom magnification, wide focal length range of 17mm to 120mm, and a 180º smooth rotating focus ring. When shooting in HD or 2K , this can be doubled with no light or quality loss - effectively making it a 17-240mm lens!

So now rather than grabbing a photo zoom lens (or an adapted HD zoom for our 2/3" cameras), this will be our new go-to lens for b-roll and scenics, and in some cases even interviews.

We just added it to our kit it a couple of weeks ago, and it's already been out on a shoot with PGA Tour Entertainment, Outside the Lines, and our friends at Such Video on a commercial/corporate shoot for Jackson National Life Insurance.

Feel free to reach out for more information, and/or to discuss using it in our next shoot together.

Written by Tom Miller, Copyright © 2016 Big Pictures Media, Inc.

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