Shooting Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff

Filming Buffalo in a Montana Prairie As we ventured closer and closer to the buffalo, the herd got increasingly more nervous.

So did we.

We were told to watch their tails. If they start switching them back and forth, it either means they’re swatting mosquitoes…

or they’re going to charge us.

Hard to tell because they seemed to always be moving those tails around. The big bulls especially, as they eyed us and our camera gear, which they could easily squash without batting any eye.

But they never charged, and we were never a threat. We were just there to capture the rare beauty of one of the few fully pure-bred herds of bison in existence today, in a place where there used to be hundreds of thousands - the Northern Great Plains of Montana.

We also spent some time in a fully-functioning prairie dog town, counted fish with a hydrologist, and got dive bombed by a mother Swainson’s Hawk as we shot amazing footage of her babies in a nest. We were also eaten alive by mosquitos - so many that we were issued nets to cover our heads and face. Tricky to shoot through, though a real savior as thousands and thousands of hungry mosquitoes sought out our blood!

All of this for a new HD TV show called Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff that premiered on Discovery Channel’s Planet Green Network this month. This fascinating and extremely relevant new program explores all sides of the environmental issues that affect us on a daily basis - politically, economically, and socially.

We had the pleasure of working with Bob and the Focus Earth team in Northern Montana shooting this premier episode - which explored the work of the American Prairie Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund restoring and preserving thousands of acres of this beautiful prairie land.

Focus Earth can be seen on The Planet Green Network. For more information on this program visit the Planet Green Website


Written by Tom Miller. Copyright 2008, Big Pictures Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This Article first appeared in the July 2008 issue of Big Pictures News.