Shooting "Destination Pluto" for Curiosity Stream

Journey to Pluto
Journey to Pluto

On July 14th, 2015, the fastest spacecraft ever launched passed by Pluto  – gathering data and capturing incredible high-resolution close-ups never seen by humans before. New Horizons had travelled over nine years and 3 billion miles to reach this historic flyby.

The story of this journey is beautifully told in the new documentary series Destination Pluto, now airing on Curiosity Stream.

As part of this series, we had the pleasure of interviewing Marc Buie – one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject of Pluto.

In addition to mapping Pluto’s surface based on the growing stream of incoming data, Marc is also on the hazard team of New Horizons. Part of his job is to be on the lookout for space debris. According to Marc, something as small as a grain of rice in New Horizon's path could wreak havoc on the entire mission!


We filmed his interview and accompanying b-roll with the Sony F55 camera, and Canon Cinema prime lenses. The large sensor of the F55 combined with the very fast Canon primes enabled us to create a gorgeous interview scene in a fairly small office at Southwest Research Institute in Boulder.

The resulting footage cut beautifully with director and motion graphic artist Dana Berry’s incredible animated depiction of New Horizon moving through space and time. In addition to his film credits, Dana also holds the record for creating the most covers for National Geographic magazine.

To watch the series, visit Curiosity Stream. You can try a month for free, and then look for "Destination Pluto." Our work can be seen in Episode 4.

To track the mission and view the images as they come in – check out the Nasa New Horizon page

Big Pictures Crew - DP Tom Miller, Sound Mixer Trevor Nordeen. Written and directed by Dana Berry of Skyworks Digital


Written by Tom Miller, Copyright 2015 Big Pictures Media, Inc.