Prehistoric Megastorms - Big Pictures Helps Shoot New Series for The History Channel

Shooting Dinosaurs for Prehistoric Megastorms Imagine a hurricane four times taller than Mount Everest, with winds as fast as a 747. Or a super tidal wave the height of a ten-story building moving at 450 miles per hour across our oceans. Or a storm that makes the Atlantic hotter than a hot tub. These are a few of the amazing phenomena that will be explored in Prehistoric Megastorms - a new six-hour HD series that brings viewers inside the ancient storms that helped reshape our planet.

Big Pictures crews found themselves in some pretty interesting situations working with producers from Lightworks-KPI shooting parts of this fascinating new series.

For example, we spent some time inside the National Ice Core Lab, where scientists store, curate, and study samples from the polar regions of the world. They work in temperatures ranging from 15F to 30F below zero. Yes, that’s a cold place to shoot!

We interviewed scientists at the National Center for Atmostpheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, exploring global climate change, mass extinctions, and storms from prehistoric times.

And we hung out with dinosaurs after hours at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science - shooting them with an HD camera mounted on an Intel-A-Jib. Contrary to the movie Night at the Museum, they did not come alive. Although we did our best to make them look that way!

Prehistoric Megastorms premieres this April. We’ll keep you posted on dates and times.


This Article first appeared in the March 2008 issue of Big Pictures News.

Written by Tom Miller. Copyright 2008, Big Pictures Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved.