New Sony PMW400 XDCAM HD422 Added To BP Cameras!

Sony PMW400 XDCAM HD422 Production Package
Sony PMW400 XDCAM HD422 Production Package

We first laid eyes on the Sony PMW400 XDCAM HD422 camera at NAB 2013, and knew it would be the perfect addition to the Big Pictures camera lineup. It was finally released last week, and we were one the first to get our hands on it!

The Sony PMW400 is an extremely versatile full-sized HD production camera equipped with three 2/3 inch-type Exmor full HD CMOS sensors capable of shooting multiple XDCAM codecs onto SxS cards, as well as other solid state digital media.

It records in the high quality HD422 codec, but also can deliver the smaller XDCAM EX files (like the Sony EX3).

And in a 2014 upgrade, it will also be able to shoot in the XAVC HD codec in 10 bit 422, including XAVC Intra frame 10-bit HD422 100Mbps and XAVC Long GOP 10-bit HD422 (low bit rate).

It shoots in 1080 or 720, in 24, 30, or 60 FPS – both in NTSC and PAL. It can shoot slow and fast motion, and has a built in Intervalometer for timelapse.

What does all this mean for our clients? Beautiful footage delivered in a great format!

The PMW400 creates a gorgeous, more cinematic image with greater latitude and shallower depth of field than smaller sensor cameras. It has very high resolution, fantastic dynamic range, and beautiful color reproduction.  This camera is also extremely fast – offering sensitivity of F12 at 59.94Hz, with a very low signal to noise ratio.

Other features include wireless video viewing and logging via WiFi, and coming soon – the ability to send live proxy files over a network to anyone around the world!

Our Sony PMW400 Camera Package will come standard with 2 64GB SxS-1 cards*, and a Mac laptop with SxS reader for downloading the media onto hard drives. It also includes a choice of Fuji HD lenses – wide or standard, a Panasonic 17” portable HD monitor, batteries and A/C Power supply, Sachtler 3-stage carbon fiber tripod with a Sachtler fluid head, a complete Arri light kit with a variety of lights, Chimera soft boxes with honeycomb grids, a Kino Flo Diva Light, miscellaneous grip and electric equipment, and a Magliner production cart.

It also includes a complete SOUND PACKAGE when ordered with a 2-person crew. All kinds of EXTRAS can also be combined with this package – including a dolly, portable jib, HMI lighting, and plenty more. We can also provide multiple cameras and crews as needed.

* Each 64GB SxS Card can record 200 minutes at XDCAM-EX, and 120 minutes at the higher HD422.

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Written by Tom Miller, © Big Pictures Media, Inc. 2013