March Madness at Kentucky and UNI with the Sony F55

Big Pictures crews toured the country filming stories in Kentucky and University of Northern Iowa for Best of College Basketball 2015, which aired last Saturday on CBS.

Interview with Coach Ben Jacobson at UNI
Interview with Coach Ben Jacobson at UNI

In one segment we explored the madness of Kentucky fans - from memorabilia hoarders, to team groupies - and how they are portrayed in the documentary The Sixth Man. At UNI we delved into the mindset of the underdog, and the bonding of the team in what ended as a great season.

We travelled with our Sony F55 Digital 4K camera with our set of Canon Cinema Prime lenses. The F55 allowed us to shoot scenics, practice and fun hero shots in a variety of frame rates - up to 180FSP. We also played with some artsy basketball net shots - which were blended into the show open.

The speed and sharpness of the Canon primes enabled us create dramatic interview set-ups with very shallow depth-of-fields - even with the wider lenses. Because we were on the road, we kept the lighting pretty simple - keying with a Kino Flo Diva 400 and peppering the background with Arri Tungsten lights.

Our Sony F55 and matching F5 have rapidly become our most requested cameras since we bought them last year. Combined with the new Cinema Primes, they've become the perfect tool for gorgeous interviews & scenics - at almost any location.

Now that we're down to Final Four, we're looking forward to seeing if our new friends at Kentucky will remain undefeated!


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Written by Tom Miller, Copyright 2015 Big Pictures Media, Inc.