EZ FX Jib Added to Big Pictures Toolkit

Tom Shooting with the EZ Jib The EZ FX Jib adds the high production value of fluid movement, at a lower in terms of cost of both time and money than larger jibs.The EZ Jib provides up to 7 feet of vertical movement, and provides a maximum camera height of 10 feet. It takes our crews under fifteen minutes to set this baby up, and it works with any of our cameras - from the smaller HPX170 and Canon 5D MII to the heavier full-sized HD cameras. It holds up to 50 pounds. We've even used it with the HDX900 on a CBS shoot with a teleprompter for the host attached to the camera!

Our EZ jib has already been on a number of shoots, from a National Geographic Megastructures Program, to a multi-camera racquetball tournament, to an ABC/ESPN feature on Carmelo Anthony. It’s also been out on a quite a few corporate shoots, providing movement and interest to those dreaded computer and cubicle shots!

Give us a call for more info, or about adding the EZ jib to any of our packages.

UPDATE 2012 - We've added a new heavy duty Manfroto tripod and a set of dolly wheels to this package to give this jib ultimate mobility.


This Article first appeared in the January 2010 issue of Big Pictures News. Written by Tom Miller, Copyright 2010, Big Pictures Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved