Imagine Perfection - Vacanti Wine Glass Story

Behind the Scenes of the Vacanti Video
Behind the Scenes of the Vacanti Video

It’s very gratifying when we get the chance to use the power of moving media to help launch a great idea. That’s exactly what happened when Margarita and Patrick Vacanti came to us with a new way to enjoy wine – and needed a great video to tell the world.

As most wine enthusiasts know, sediment can form in bottles of quality reds as they age. These tannins and other particulates develop over time and settle to the bottom or side of the bottle depending on how you store it. While sediment adds to the character of the wine, you certainly don’t want to drink it – as the bitter taste ruins the flavor and experience.

The Vacantis – wine lovers themselves - invented a glass that captures this sediment right in the stem, so it never makes it to your mouth. Their brilliant design blends form and function, resulting in a beautiful wine glass that not only traps the sediment, but is easy to clean. They call it Spirale.

When we first met the Vacantis , I realized the best approach for their video would be to let them tell their own story. Right away I could tell they would be excellent on camera, and passionate about their journey from idea to fruition.

We took over a wine bar in Golden where we shot their interviews, a variety of product shots, and a wine party with lots of extras pouring, toasting and drinking! We also filmed a glass blower in action working with their design at a different location.  This was shot on the Sony F55 with Canon lenses, and the Sony PMW-400.

The result is a 3-minute video called Imagine Perfection. The Vacantis tell me that it’s already gotten excellent feedback on their website, Facebook, and other social media. It’will also serve as a powerful marketing tool when they approach members of the wine industry to share their exciting new glass design.

Credits: Director - Tom Miller, Director of Photography - Zumi Hidalgo, Sound Mixer - Trevor Nordeen, Hair & Makeup - Cynthia Goodberry, Editor - Ryan Borgman, Transcriptions - Betsy Pearce

Would you like to learn more about Spirale, or see how video can be integrated into a well-made web page? Visit the Spirale product launch site HERE

You can also check them out on Facebook

Written by Tom Miller, Copyright © 2015 Big Pictures Media, Inc.