Brain Disruption with Experience Yes!

Improv games at NIMBL in Denver!

Improv games at NIMBL in Denver!

If you've seen an improv show - like Second City, or Whose Line is it Anyway, you probably laughed hard and enjoyed the great entertainment.

But beneath the comedic surface, what you really witnessed is a kind of dance - a dance of trust and support between the players. 
In fact, some say Improv is more like a basketball game than a comedy show. If one player passes the ball, the other takes it without question, and runs with it. 
This “Yes, and...” philosophy is the heart of improv. 
For the participants, especially those who have never tried it, improv can also create a new-found trust in themselves. This trust bypasses their internal executive judge and allows free-flow thinking, often tapping deep wells of innovation and creativity.
ExperienceYes, a brand new innovation company in Denver founded by Gail and Bruce Montgomery,  believes these wells exist in all of us. And they are on a mission to not only teach us how to tap them, but to prove there is tremendous value in doing so. 
They call it Brain Disruption. 

ExperienceYes works with businesses and teams of all sizes to teach these tools and techniques of brain disruption to engage free-flowing creativity, and thus improve performance. Their clients range from Fortune 50 telecom companies to universities.

ExperienceYes approached Big Pictures to create a promotional video showcasing this incredible work. So we spent the day with them at NIMBL, a fast-growing tech firm in Denver, and created this fun look at Brain Disruption in action!

Big Pictures Media produced this short marketing video showcasing the work of ExperienceYes

For more information on ExperienceYes and the services they provide for businesses and teams, visit Here you can also learn about the new study they are doing with Harvard University!

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