24 Hours of Reality with Al Gore

Heather Haven interviewed for Climate Reality Project

For eleven year-old Haven Coleman, it all started with sloths. In a class project about a year ago, she learned that the sloths’ habitats were in danger and their population was in peril.  This was all it took to release the power of this young activist in the making!

She worked with an organization called Girls in Politics, and then she trained to become a registered Climate Activist with the Climate Reality Project. Then she began calling out her local representatives in Colorado Springs. She stepped up to the microphone at Rep. Doug Lamborn’s (R-Colo.) town hall fighting for veterans jobs in renewable energy. And she challenged Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) to better address climate change issues in Congress - for the sake of future generations like hers.

Her voice is small, but powerful. And as she says, it’s hard to ignore a kid!

We got to spend time with Haven shooting a segment that will be featured in 24 Hours of Reality, an initiative by Al Gore, in a worldwide livestream and broadcast on December 5th.

When we visited her she was petitioning the local Colorado Springs Energy Board to close down an aging coal plant, which was spewing smoke just up the road. She and others had recently encouraged the same board to change its energy mix to include a higher percentage of solar power, and they did it.

Today she is speaking at schools across the state - teaching about the environment, but perhaps more importantly, teaching and encouraging other kids how to have a more powerful voice in this increasingly cynical world.

To learn more about Haven’s work, check out the 24 Hours of Reality live broadcast on December 5th. Her segment will be on around 5:20 EST. If you miss it, we’ll post a copy of the video here after the broadcast as well. 

Update: HERE is the clip to the piece we worked on

24 Hours of Reality Live Broadcast

Here is a great article about Haven in Mother Jones that shows the videos of her at the Lamborn and Gardner events.


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