Drone Aerials


Recent innovations in drone technology have opened up new ways to capture spectacular perspectives that were once limited to very expensive helicopter rigs. Tom Miller is now an FAA Certified UAS / Drone Pilot, and excited to incorporate more aerials more into Big Pictures productions!

Aerial Cinematography can add a whole new dimension to your production - providing beautiful sweeping vistas and high shots, amazing tracking shots of cars, cyclists, and other activity, and incredible perspectives not possible with a grounded camera. Our drone rig is fully loaded with plenty of battery power, cards, and other tools to capture the footage we need, and is operated by an FAA-certified UAS pilot with a cinematic eye.

Please let us know as soon as possible where you plan to shoot so that we can research any airspace restrictions, and arrange waivers if needed.

  • Our Phantom 4 Pro Plus shoots beautiful footage in both HD and 4k
  • Larger drone systems also available 
  • Single operator, or dual operator (separate pilot and camera operator)

Give us a call anytime to discuss the many creative ways we can incorporate drone footage in your next production!

Big Pictures Drone Production Insured through Verifly

Big Pictures uses Verifly on-demand liability insurance for our Aerial Cinematography / Drone services. This insurance is required and available on a per-shoot basis for up to $10,000,000 in coverage. Prices vary depending on coverage, shoot length and location. Call for details.