Big Pictures Media | Creative Visual Storytellers

Big Pictures Media is a Denver, Colorado-based video production company specializing in high-end production and production services for television, the internet, and corporation communications.

Our work can be seen in places like the new Heroes and Legends exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center, websites like People and Bleacher Report, and nearly every network and cable channel on television - including ESPN, NBC, CBS, HBO, PBS, BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and more.

We also partner with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, the US Government, and non-profits to create compelling video stories that build brands, train employees, and grow businesses.  

We're a team of creative visual storytellers who gather tools and skills around projects we’re passionate about, and love sharing with the world.

Big Pictures was founded in 1991 by Tom and Teri Miller. Tom had just finished working on an amazing 13-hour documentary series for PBS out of Chicago called On the Waterways, hosted by Jason Robards - a job he got right after graduating from University of Florida with a degree in journalism and film. Teri was working at a law firm, and had just begun developing her passion for photography and travel. You can see some of Teri's work here

They both built the business around the idea that images - moving and still - have the unique ability to capture the hearts and minds of audiences like no other medium. Our mission then and now is to use this incredible power to help shine a light on the best of the world.

Today we work with a core group of incredibly talented people who help us achieve this mission, and we can expand or contract according to the needs of each project.